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creative, narrative, visual storytelling, workshop, art, creativity
visual storytelling workshop, narrative, creative, workshope, corporate workshop

The workshop focuses on visual storytelling - how to present an idea in a way that is engaging through visual language. Processing and learning is more engaging and accessible when visual memories are formed. But intriguing visuals should not just illustrate a written idea. They should be strong enough to stand on their own. Whether you are building the story of a brand or a product, making a presentation or establishing a social initiative you should be able to connect the right images, colours, graphics and objects to your story.


The visual storytelling workshop is an intense, academic and hands-on experience about finding and developing creative solutions. You will take on the role of a storyteller and build narratives using different methods and materials including photography, film and design. The concept and aesthetics are key - you will develop and refine your stories through group tutorials.  

2 DAYS The two day workshop gives an overview of visual storytelling theory. You will be working on your own and in groups, testing ideas and doing small assignments. You will leave the course with a good understanding of the methodology and take home concrete tools that you can continue to practice and use when developing future projects.

5 DAYS The 5 day workshop is an elaborate experience where you have the time to realise a full project. We will guide you through the different phases of the process defining, researching and creating your narrative.


Businesses and organizations can book an introductory meeting with Kunstrukt.                       


STORYTELLING             //   


You will gain an understanding of the creative process for effective communication.


You will improve presentation skills and methods to explain ideas, strategies and processes.


You will explore how visual language is formed through different structures and styles, to apply in everyday work.

You will learn techniques to make stories more engaging through different visual solutions.

You will be introduced to visual terminologies and will be provided a platform for feedback that will help you to develop more confidence discussing your work. 

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