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japan camera photography workshop kunstrukt
japan camera photography workshop kunstrukt

How do you build a concept? How do you progress from idea to design?

You will learn about the methodology of developing a concept and progress through the different phases of the creative process. You will work with concrete tools that will help you structure, develop and realise future projects.

Idea generation, research and testing are all part of a structured approach to establishing a product or a concept. You will be working in groups and on your own with hands-on research, taking pictures, making moodboards, tests and sketches. The concept development workshop is an intense, academic and hands-on experience about finding and developing creative solutions.


2 DAYThe two day workshop gives an overview of concept development theory. You will leave the course with a good understanding of the methodology and take home concrete tools that you can continue to practice and use when developing future projects.

5 DAYS The five day workshop is an in depth exploration of the creative process. You will develop one project from a to z based on a project brief. With our guidance you will develop the visual language of your project and explore multiple solutions to make content and form coherent. We will guide you through each step of the process; from generating an idea, to developing a concept and transforming it into a completed design.


Businesses and organizations can book an introductory meeting with Kunstrukt.                       


DEVELOPMENT              //   



You will explore a theme from a creative perspective to find multiple solutions for change.


You will develop a creative thinking mindset, gaining confidence in your creative abilities.


You will explore creative thinking strategies to apply in your everyday work. 

You will learn creative techniques in idea-generation, problem solving and collaboration.


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