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japan camera photography workshop kunstrukt
japan camera photography workshop kunstrukt

Coming up with original ideas is challenging. Where do you start?    

The creativity workshop is based on playfulness, exploratory play, openness and the freedom to improvise. It’s an introduction to concept development and a great workshop for those who wish to identify and develop their creative interests and skills.  

2 DAYS You will take part in a number of hands-on games and challenges designed to discover your creative spark. You will start experimenting with where your strengths and interests lie by taking pictures, making moodboards, tests and sketches to understand how to apply your intuition, interests and experience to develop ideas.

5 DAYS The 5 day workshop is a more in-depth experience where you will also have the time to develop and finalise an idea. We will guide you through each step of the process; - from exploring creativity to making the creative outcome.

Contact us at to book the Exploring Creativity Workshop for your company or organisation.                        


CREATIVITY                   //   


People wishing to explore and develop their creative abilities.

Teachers and educators who wish to transform their teaching methods and integrate creativity and experimentation with their methodology.

Prospective art and design students who want to build a portfolio.

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