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Creativity promotes positive productivity through motivation, communication and collaboration. In our workshops participants explore their creative potential in a group and individually while working with different media (video, photography and/ or design).  


Kunstrukt offers creative workshops for companies and organizations. We focus on the transformation of power structures, perspectives and processes, and how these elements can affect and inspire innovation, creativity and engagement in the workspace.


After many years of experience practicing and teaching (creative processes - ideas, strategies and methods) we have developed a fresh approach to personal development and team-forming. On the basis of this approach, we offer workshops in creative team management and creative work processes for managers and employees.

Kunstrukt's workshops aspire to establish a workplace culture around creativity. We consider creative culture as visionary and stimulating- with intuition, empathy and creativity being given the same value as logic and reasoning.


Creativity is a facilitator of change and growth. Kunstrukt's mission is to use creativity as a support system in the workplace in order to nourish the employees’ ability:

- to develop ideas in and for their workplace and roles,

- to be adaptable and resourceful while being meaningfully engaged in their work.


When creative- and people-centered- skills are combined with technical knowledge, they can reshuffle the ways employees and managers collaborate, think and acknowledge that diverse skills and perspectives are important to achieving new solutions in contemporary changing work environments.


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You are welcome to contact us if you wish to hear more about the workshops or if you have questions & we are always happy to meet and talk about whether there is a basis for a collaboration. Send an email to

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japan camera photography workshop kunstrukt
japan camera photography workshop kunstrukt
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