Creativity is not limited to the arts or to artist. It’s an essential part of             being human. People who are not educated in creative fields often underestimate their creative abilities. Creativity is portrayed as  flashes of insight and chaos. In our experience it takes hard work and determination to turn an idea into a physical object or design.


We believe you can train creativity in the same way that you train a muscle. By combining intuition and play with a structured process we believe creativity has the best conditions to develop. Everyone has creative capacity but understanding how to apply it, takes practice.



          We want to democratize art. If we want to move towards a more sustainable society we need to establish conditions where people are encouraged to create.Being a maker is empowering and has search for purpose and meaning at 


We define creativity as the ability to develop ideas and turn them into something that is meaningful. We are actively working to create a space where creativity can grow to expand interest, knowledge and skill. Art shouldn’t just be in museums, it should be in schools, workplaces, in public spaces and at home. 


At the core of creativity is joy. But it is also worth developing creativitythe direct source of innovation and problem-solving.                      Used well it can be a tool that facilitates collaboration, communication, experimentation & play in everyday life. The benefits of developing creativity are infinite.