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Mixed media art is about integrating different media and materials such as found objects, photographs, paint, archival images and old media. This workshop is focused on experimentation. You will explore the concept of mixed media art and try out different techniques and methods.

2 DAYS The two day workshop is a hands-on introduction to mixed media art where you will be engaged in a number of games and challenges. You will be thinking with your hands, on your own and in groups, testing ideas and making fast prototypes. The focus is on the process rather than the final outcome and the goal is mainly to experiment and play with how different materials can come together to communicate an idea.

5 DAYS The 5 day workshop is a more in-depth experience where you will have the time to make a full project. We will guide you through the different phases of the process defining and making a mixed media artwork. You will walk away with a good understanding of the genre and tools that allow you to continue the process of experimentation.

Contact us at to book the Mixed Media Workshop for your company or organisation.                        


Anyone curious about mixed media art.

People who want to produce, but who are not tied to a specific medium or genre.

Educators who want to integrate different media and materials into their teaching.

Prospective art and design students who want to build a portfolio.


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